About the Artist

Native Calgarian, Jacki Boss grew up with a passion for discovering new ways to create “art”.  By the age of fourteen, Jacki had become bored with the limitations of paper and pencil, and explored other mediums, like charcoal, oil pastel, watercolor and oil paint.

Always experimenting, series of works shifted and interchanged from pointillism and abstract to figurative and plein-air landscapes. With an inclination to find challenge in achieving the next artwork, physical texture became of increasing intrigue over the years. Hinting at sculptural affects, techniques expanded to include encaustic, acrylic gel mediums, glass and objects.

A turning point came when the artist relocated her studio, “One-i-Jack Studio” from Calgary, Canada in 2008 to Freeport on Grand Bahama Island. Adapting to new circumstances, the artist currently works mainly with tile, glass and concrete for outdoor mosaics and sculptures.