The “Journal” is the collection of images, ideas and experiences, that if not already underway, may eventually translate into finished visual works.  From everyday routines to traveling abroad, when the mood strikes, detailed notes are recorded and frequent referencing stirs up inspiration for the next series of works.


April 28th, 2015

I have been caught up in a turmoil of ups and downs.  Struggling to be happy and not entirely unhappy.  Saddened by loss, freed by loss. Indecisive on direction.

Techniques Notes:

curves; looping; half circles; smiles/frowns; bold color – red for satisfying passion, blue for sadness, orange and green for transitions between emotions


March, 2014

I have a need to lighten my load.  Works unsatisfactory to me suddenly feel burdensome.  Those that I have grown tired of, or I feel no longer representing my current ability, have been outright discarded.  Abandoned pieces that did show potential, but did not quite meet my expectations are spared as my curiosity with collage and re-assembly continues.

Three canvas’, originally meant to be the beginning of a series, meet the criteria of being modified and recycled into a new work.

I had tried to reproduce the glowing translucency of jellyfish under aquarium lighting with layers of acrylics, metallics and gel mediums.  The results were intriguing; the canvas’ show depth of color and contrasting brilliance; the metallics under a glossy finish have a riveting look – but, overall the effect I was after was not well-achieved.  It was an unsuccessful experiment.

So, onto the next.  I want to cut the canvas’ into strips, to be re-assembled and hung loosely as strands.  A representation of my internal conflict.  Ripping up the past, seeking what may transpire moving forward.                                                        Sketchbook 


July 26th, 2012

We were lying on our backs, looking up at the stars.  The night was clear.  The boat gently bobbed with the slightly moderate and consistent current, ambling its way around the surrounding cays and rock formations.  Our pivoting viewpoint was imperceptible as the chain to the anchor pulled taut and we gazed intently into the dome of darkness above us. The mild breeze, over the bow where we lay, gave us relief from the day’s stifling heat and the evening’s biting mosquitoes.

 It was a weird juxtaposition.

We tried to imagine the scope of distance between us and what we were seeing.  A multitude of satellites panned across the open blackness.  We could see how fast they moved across the sky, and noticed one pair in unison on an identical path.  With enthusiasm, planets, stars and constellations were identified.  Occasionally, we would spot a shooting star before it faded away.

Underneath us, I wondered about the pair of rather large sharks that had been circling the shallow waters around us the hours before dusk…when we could still see them!  Now, in the dark, had they gone or were there more?  They had been identified as harmless and we were quite safe up on the deck but, what was the distance between us and what we weren’t seeing?

Space…such a feeling of endless air and curiosities, completely opposite (for me) to the black sea water and its unknowns!

Earlier in the day, it struck me how, on our approach to the picturesque setting, the breaking ripples on the distant surface mirrored black rectangles in a heat wave, appearing and disappearing like a mirage in the desert.  Initially, I saw it as a bad omen; my interpretation was of either past or future death and I had a few moments of pensive nervousness.  But, as we settled in for our overnight stay, I receded to practical implications.

A discernible anchor is visible just under the surface of the sand and is disintegrating away in the salt water, off the NW beach of the cay.

Sketchbook Notes:

square/rectangle motif; mirror/mirage; reflections/distortions; blurring of edges; turquoise/bright green/black; day-bright, night-dark; unknown-expectation; heat/air/water

October 10th, 2011

My partner’s newly grown beard is intriguing to me!   It’s mixed with  dark, silver and literally copper whiskers!!  I see a portrait of my lover coming on!

Sketchbook Notes:

acrylic, wire (silver/copper), painted nails, red hair, (?)nautical

September 21st, 2011

I am sitting in the “Cloister” at the Frick Museum in New York City.  The day outside is grey and drizzling with a light but constant rain.  In this lighted avery, the quiet trickle from the elaborate fountain soothes my mind as I stare blankly at the river rock in the pool surrounding the base of the fountain.

The ceiling is high and gives the ambience of being outdoors in the perfect temperature.  An angel statuette stands opposite the pool from the bench I am sitting on.

I am searching within myself to find images that I can cleverly use for the BlueGreen Exhibit in two months time!  That angel keeps catching my attention.  I remember the “bull” motif in last night’s tapas restaurant…