I prepared the support of a wood panel with white gesso.  To facilitate rearranging the composition without the lead residue from erased pencil lines, I have done cut-outs of my figures and then traced them, once happy with the layout.

The next step is to envision the color that will come through subsequent layers.  I have chosen mainly (brilliant) blue, with two shades of red, an orange hue of yellow and (bright) green.  Because of the properties of acrylic paints, it is important to set this initial layer on a white background, for the most vivid color.  By painting the areas over with their designated color, re-pencilling the surface is required.

With a fine tipped brush and a steady hand I inked-in the silhouettes of my figures using the blackest black, India ink.


The negative space on the “heads” were then brushed in, revealing the bold color underneath.  Aside from the “tic-tac-toe” head, the “text” on the other heads are actual mathematical formulas to calculate perspective in drawing.

…work in progress…to be continued…